Food waste is valuable raw material for renewable energy, not useless waste

With BER’s innovative food waste recycling system collecting, recycling and further processing of food waste is easier than ever. Our company name “BER” comes from words “bioenergy recycling” – the name endorses our intention to highlight that food waste isn’t useless waste, but valuable raw material for renewable energy.

How does the BER™ system work?

In BER™ system food waste goes gravity operated along its own pipe from the kitchen’s food waste disposer to a food waste tank (BER™ tank). The tank is emptied by a suction vehicle and transported to further processing. When food waste is put in the disposer, water is added at the same time to make biomass flush along the pipe to BER™ tank. Any excess water is unnecessary to store or transport, so the clarified water from the BER™ tank is lead further.

Thanks to our system there’s no need to collect the food waste separately, but it can be placed directly into the food waste disposer. The disposer is placed directly under a separate kitchen sink for not causing any visual or odor problems. Normal type of food waste accumulated in kitchens (see detailed description) can be placed into the food waste disposer.

Recycling food waste as
an easy part of everyday life

BER™ system makes recycling food waste easier and more hygienic than the current recycling model. The BER™ system being installed in residential areas increases the value of housing and the comfort of the area. Thanks to a common recycling system, food waste containers are eliminated from the residential waste points, thus also eliminating the problems of animals visiting the food waste bins. The BER™ system is a concrete solution to ease recycling of food waste.

Current FOOD waste recycling MODELBER™ system
Carrying the food waste bag from the kitchen to a waste bin is
challenging and unhygienic
Direct recycling of food waste from the kitchen
Food waste has high moisture content (60-90 %), so it means that when being transported the main content is waterIn BER™ tank most of the water is separated from food waste
Odor problemsNo odor problems: P-trap alongside the food waste disposer and the BER™ tank is ventilated
The food waste bin attracts birds, bugs and small rodentsVentilated BER™ tank doesn’t attract animals
Risk of freezingNo risk of freezing
Transferring and emptying the food waste bin is heavy and
Convenient food waste handling
Possible leaking and breaking of food waste bins and lift bagsNo need for food waste bins
Food waste bags clog waste recycling equipment
and decompose slowly
No need for food waste bags

The solution that improves both quality of living as well as sustainable development

Every year millions of kilos of food waste are thrown into mixed waste. More food waste ends up in mixed waste than in recycling and burning it among mixed waste causes unnecessary emissions. The BER™ system makes recycling of food waste easy and it enables to process the food waste into e.g., environmentally friendly biogas, which is a better alternative compared with fossil fuels.

Innovative BER™ system
is developed
in Finland

The BER™ system is the result of several years of planning and product development in Finland. During the development various professionals in the field of circular economy and construction have been consulted and the system has been tested to work. All parts and materials used in the BER™ system are CE marked or type approved.

BER Oy has been granted a patent for the recycling system (FI128183B). As a result of further development the innovative BER™ tank and BER™ system have been designed for which Finnish patent has been granted (FI130342B) and international patents (WO2022/263717) have been filed for. Tanks are manufactured according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certificates.

In BER Oy we want to change the way of recycling by providing a better solution for the current food waste recycling model. Our goal is that the BER™ system will be a part of everyday life in areas where biogas plants or other processing plants exist nearby.